Alphabet AB are experts in applied accounting and business administrative software construction. 

Download the Rosetta demo accounting

  • Windows program (you might need to install the MS VC15 redistributable, also in the zipfile) to try the technology!
  • Android App Rosetta.apk (In settings, you need to: Allow installation from Unknown sources (in Android 8 allow Chrome to install) and from Android 7.1.1 you need to manually give the Rosetta app permissions to Contacts and Storage)!
  • Both are in a process of getting published on regular program/app stores with full smooth installation service.
  • Both have the same features and functions, actually are the same program with different computer type shells
  • Here are some SIE-files (from SIE) to test the apps: or this
  • Rosetta - End User License Agreement - EULA

Features in this first step:

  • Full featured SIE accounting browse SW
  • Reads all SIE files fully and is a good tool for SIE file analyse work
  • It reads and writes also XBRL GL and Rosetta accounting files.
  • Export to Excel and Word for more analyse and presentation
  • Supports report and program texts 11 languages and locales for displaying dates and amounts etc (automatically set with the computer locale settings)
  • Android app opens attached SIE-files to email and SIE-files from file browsers
  • Demo versions that expiries with user files starting from 1 January 2019 (then need an update from Google play store and Microsoft Store, free banner SW).

A first step developing modern accounting

Alphabet AB has built up a commercial standard model for software development for any computer system. A concept to create a standard base for supportive software product market for various purposes. Catching up and developing as SIE succeeded successfully in the 1990s in Sweden. A first step developing modern accounting browsing/generate reports from SIE-files and analyse instruments. The concept works in all countries and languages. Files/Reports can be made in multiple language formats for an international audience. Making it possible to read accounting reports over language borders.

It is a free way of exploiting the work of a large number of committee work such as XBRL, UN / CEFACT, SIE, the EU VAT directive and transforming the experience into commercial software that fulfils market requirements. Previously, the work has been so difficult for the market to utilize above all by formal reasons, as we resolve here. The future fully digital accounting end economy administration.

The concept is designed to meet the new market conditions for rapid growth of smartphones and tablets, digital payment, web-shop and internet banking. Key goals are the supply of traditional markets with modern accounting and invoicing software. The globalisation of accounting trade administration and tax reports is coming.

We are interested in business partners and contact us and tell what you can contribute.