Alphabet are experts in applied accounting and business administrative software construction. 

Download the Rosetta beta accounting  Windows program to try the technology!

  • Full featured accounting SW

  • Reads all SIE files fully and is a good tool for SIE file analyse

  • It reads and writes also XBRL GL and VDU-UN/CEFACT accounting files.

  • Is not a commercial product, missing VAT features and is not processed for commercial sales. It is for evaluation only.  

Download the Uncefact beta Windows program to try the technology! It shows basic program routines for all the UN/CEFACT documents. You can read, edit and write all the UN/CEFACT files. 

Alphabet has constructed a business administrative standard model for software development and consulting to work in all countries. The ambition is to have it applied globally as a working computer standard routine and start with a few keen sections of the market on solutions of their needs and demands.

The basic concept is to be able to supply all modern needs and demands of accounting, banking and business administration software in the file format of the users choice. 

The concept is designed meet the new market conditions of the fast growth of smartphones and tablet computers, web-trade and internet banking. Key targets are also the supply of traditional markets with modern software technology like large company businesses administration, regular accounting and invoicing. The idea is covering all with a common standard model down to making small company business administration in the pocket by smartphone apps possible. 

We are supplying a modern standard model for applied accounting, banking and business administration for the paper free and totally integrated electronic business administrative world of the future and backward compatibility in general independently of the file formats. The key is how data is used. 

Basis for the development  

Download - Evaluation Alphabet SW programs and files