Alphabet AB is experts in applied accounting and business administrative software construction. 

Download the Rosetta beta accounting Windows program (you might need to install the MS VC15 redistributable, also in the zipfile) to try the technology!

  • Full featured SIE accounting browse SW
  • Reads all SIE files fully and is a good tool for SIE file analyse
  • It reads and writes also XBRL GL and Rosetta accounting files.
  • Is not a commercial product, missing VAT features and is not processed for commercial sales. It is for evaluation only.  

Alphabet AB has built up a commercial standard model for software development and consultation to work in all countries and languages. To create a standard base for supportive software product market for various purposes, as SIE succeeded successfully in the 1990s in Sweden. But also make financial data standard readable internationally and the creation of an information market for financial data possible.

The ambition is to have it applied globally as a standard workplace routine and start with some nice parts of the market on limited solutions to needs and requirements. To cover a much larger business area later.

The basic concept is to be able to deliver for all modern needs and requirements with paperless integrated accounting, business administration, internet banking and tax reporting. A toolbox for all types of businesses and all types of computers and operating systems.

The idea covers everyone with a common standard model. A model down to small business enterprise management in the pocket of smartphone apps integrated with the internet banking program possible. And for all companies a standard market of support programs from a variety of future suppliers (modernization of the SIE concept). That analysts and accountants should be able to use the same tools for all types of companies in all countries. But also radically facilitate trade information exchange for all even fully automated self-managing web commerce. One should begin to read each other's reports on an integrated international corporate market.

It is a free way of exploiting the work of a large number of committee work such as XBRL, UN / CEFACT, SIE, the EU VAT directive and transforming the experience into commercial software that fulfils market requirements. Previously, the work has been so difficult for the market to utilize various, above all formal reasons, as we resolve here.

The concept is designed to meet the new market conditions for rapid growth of smartphones and tablets, web-shop and internet banking. Key goals are also the supply of traditional markets with modern accounting and invoicing software.

The current accounting browser is the basis for future more advanced apps. With the work model, new apps can be released concurrently simultaneously in many OS environments. Right now, we are focused on establishing ourselves on a small scale in the business areas for Android, Windows, iPhone, and Macintosh sales outlets. Each with the same code base and OS-dependent software user interface shell and sales presentation.

No real promotional efforts so far have been made, this page is quickly designed to inform interested requests.

We are interested in business partners and contact us and what you can contribute.