Alphabet AB is working with development of basic technology for future standard SW and in-house system development for accounting and trade administration

Download - Evaluation Alphabet SW files 

Alphabet Rosetta accounting SW beta

The Rosetta project is adding two major features Rosetta.zip::

  • Full featured accounting SW 
    • Reads all SIE files fully and is a good tool for SIE file analyse 
    • Missing standard chart of accounts, making new bookkeeping year and accounting 
  • The support for SIE, XBRL GL and UN/CEFCAT accounting file formats / other available existing electronic invoice file formats for reading, writing and conversion 

The Rosetta.exe program is being developed, within the Alphabet Rosetta project.

  • Accounting program
  • Invoicing, payable and receivable program
  • Simple salary program
  • Inventory program 

The Rosetta programs will also be released in:

All versions will include: 

  • Free Sample SW for any user
  • Developers toolkit
    • Library files of the common code
    • Open sample programming code in C

About 80% is common OS-independent code written in ANSI C and implemental in any kind of computer systems. ANSI C is in practice the only available OS-independent programming language. ANSI C also stands for performance. Other programming languages are able to call the library routines and can be used for proprietary OS UI. It is also possible later to make SQL templates and proprietary programming libraries as .NET.


Alphabet AB is developing OS-independent software toolkits based on  the EU revised VAT directive  and the file formats of:

  • The Swedish SIE widely implemented bookkeeping data file interchange standard
  • The UN/CEFACT trade data interchange standard
  • The XBRL GL bookkeeping and financial report data file interchange standard

VDU and UN/CEFACT electronic documents

The UnCefact.zip Win32 program lets you create, save and read all 77 UN/CEFACT electronic documents and 3 Alphabet supplementary VAT directive UN/CEFACT (VDU) documents, VdAccounting, VdInvoice and VdBankAccountStatement. (The UN/CEFACT accounting and eInvoice are included but deprecated leaving way for the VdAccounting and VdInvoice documents. 

This program is a step in a development process of creating a programmers toolkit creating data memory, reading, displaying, saving and writing to files. A basis for creating programs like invoicing etc. This program will be updated by the release of the Rosetta project programs. 

VDU documents (XSD)

We are able to present XSD files for VDU documents: 

VDU eInvoicing

We are able to present sample files for VdInvoicing (there will be more documentation soon): 

Evaluation development technology XBRL GL and VDU (Vat directive-UN/CEFACT accounting) XML/XSL technology 

Watch an XBRL GL and VDU file (double click on it and it shows in your web reader):


No sample software libraries for evaluation is not yet released, but will later.

Later development plans are:  

  • Documentation of the implementation
  • Support of different standard chart of accounts
  • Documentation of Simple salary system using Bookkeeping files as work files (transparent accounting)
  • Documentation of Simple payable/receivable system using Bookkeeping files as work files (transparent accounting)
  • Documentation of Simple inventory system using Bookkeeping files as work files (transparent accounting)
  • SQL

We are interested in finding distribution partners of 

  • Standard accounting SW with full support of SIE, XBRL GL and UN/CEFACT accounting
  • Programmers toolkit API SDK libraries in any kind of operating system

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